I didn’t think through my behaviour – Anglican Holy kissing Reverend apologizes

Days after a video of him kissing student went viral, Rev. Fr Baltharzzar Obeng Larbi, has admitted his conduct was wrong.

He has thus asked for forgiveness from the Anglican Church which has already commenced investigations into the matter, the school which has relieved him of his clerical duties, the affected students and their families and the public which has roundly condemned the act.

Rev. Obeng Larbi said in a statement that he should have acted differently “even in the absence of COVID-19”.

Mr Larbi acknowledged he was wrong, stating “I seemed to have taken a number of things for granted. I did not think my behaviour through.”

“I pray for forgiveness from all and sundry and plead that you hold me in your prayers during these trying times. May God bless us all,” he added.

The priest came under ‘fire’ when a video of him popped up online where he was seen kissing three girls in turns during a church service. 

He used the opportunity to detail how the “unfortunate incident” happened. 

“This unfortunate incident happened during a Church Service in appreciation of the Level 300 students, who would be going for their Macro Teaching (Off-Campus Teaching Practice) when College resumed the next academic year, by the College’s Chaplaincy Board.

The three students seen in the video performed extraordinarily well and were therefore called to be appreciated by the Chaplain. An attempt to add a human touch resulted in the scene in the video”.

The video was widely condemned by people on social media calling for the sanction of the Reverend minister.

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