James Brown sets aside ‘beef’ to wish Bobrisky speedy recovery after a ‘Painful’ Liposuction

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-Bobrisky shared the pain he’s going through after undergoing a surgery to give her big buttocks

-His colleague cross dresser James brown consoled her via a post though the two have issues to settle.

After Bobrisky revealed the level of pain he’s going through after undergoing a surgery to enhance his shape, colleague Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has set aside his long-running beef with Bobrisky to wish him speedy recovery, following his butt lift surgery.

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The above video was shared after the supposed surgery meant to enhance the butt of Bobrisky a Nigerian man who want to be converted to a woman.

On seeing this a concerned James Brown took to Snapchat to wish Bob quick recovery and revealed he has continued to pray for him regardless of the squabble between them.

I’m so sorry Aunty mi Bobrisky. It’s not easy.

“I know you are passing through pains. I wish I was there for you if you haven’t pushed me/my love away. I will have always been there for you. I can feel your pain. I will always pray for you aunty mi. I wish you a quick recovery. Love from your sister World famous James Brown.”

James Brown sets aside

Bobrisky and James Brown have had series of internet jabs but not at this time when Bob has said he is in pain.

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