Kim Ju-ae, Biography, Photo, Age

Who is Kim Ju-ae ?

Kim Ju-ae is the only Known child of North Korean Supreme Leader and marshall Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol-Ju.


Kim Ju-ae is 8-years now.


North Korean

Kim Ju-ae Photo

There’s no photos of the Kim Ju-ae on the internet or anywhere.

Kim Ju-ae Photo and biography


The Gender of the North Korean Supreme Leader is not known to the public.

Will Kim Ju-ae become dictitor?

Kim Ju-ae is likely to take over from the dad who also took over the leadership of the North Korean people after his dad, Kim Jong-il.


Kim Jong-il and Ko Yong-hui.

Great Grandparents

Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-suk, Ko Gyon-tek, and Lee Maeng-in.

Other family members

Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong-nam, Kim Jong-chul, and Kim Sol-song.


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