New Zealand-born pastor and evangelist Brian Houston is best known for founding the Hillsong Church. With locations all over the world, Hillsong has grown to become one of the biggest churches in the world. He has served as the national president of the Assemblies of God and is a prolific speaker. In addition to leading the Hillsong Church, Houston also served as the national president of the Australian Christian Council.

The church accepted the resignation of pastor Brian Houston following allegations of inappropriate text messages to a female staff member. In response, Hillsong’s board confirmed the text messages that Houston sent to a female staff member. The pastor admitted to having been under the influence of sleeping tablets and sought help. It was reported that after the Hillsong Conference, he became disoriented. He took alcohol and anti-anxiety medicines and spent time with a female occupant.

In a statement, the Hillsong Church’s board said that Houston had used sleeping tablets to help him sleep during the 2013 incident. He had become dependent on sleeping pills and was therefore unable to recognize the signs of abuse in his behavior. In 2019, he was found to have mixed alcohol and higher-than-prescribed anti-anxiety medication. Although he is highly remorseful, the Hillsong board continues to investigate allegations against him.

Who is Brian Houston’s daughter?

Laura Houston is the daughter of Australian-New Zealander pastor Brian Houston. The two met in 1977 and married shortly after. Then in 1997, she began promoting Hillsong Church in New Zealand. Her father was convicted of sexually abusing children, and she joined the church as its youth pastor. But she and her dad divorced in 2000. Today, she has a successful career and is a popular motivational speaker.

In 1978, Brian Houston moved to Sydney, Australia, where he became an assistant pastor for his father, Frank. He went on to start a church in the Central Coast, near Wellington. He later transferred to a church in Liverpool. In 1983, he hired a Baulkham Hills Public School hall and started a new church, Hillsong Christian Life Centre. The two married on 14 August 1983.

In 2003, the internal investigation of the Hillsong Church revealed evidence of inappropriate behavior by Pastor Houston. While denying all allegations, he denied abusing children and sexually harassing his wife. Both of them resigned from their positions at the church in November. Then, they moved to Sydney, where he worked at the Hillsong megachurch for two years. Meanwhile, Laura and her husband, Peter, have three children.

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