Man buys foodstuff for a Woman after hearing her tell child there’s no money to eat

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A young man named Bear Taliferro Jr, put a big smile on the face of a family after overhearing their conversation in a supermarket he went shopping.

Taliferro said that he was in the shop when a little girl asked her mother what is wrong when she saw her mother’s eyes heavy with tears.

In response and with an emotion-laden voice, the mother told the girl that they cannot afford to eat that night an indication that they had no money.

Bear then asked them to buy whatever they desire in the shop for he will pay and truly he did.

A total stranger different from Bear went to the family and gave them some money. As an act of love, Bear asked the woman to grab whatever they need in the supermarket on his bill.

The young man said it is interesting to note that it would be the first time he would be shopping there, saying that it must have been divine timing.

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