This Mary Jane Thomas obituary explains that she died of natural causes on March 22, 2022. Though the cause of her death is still under investigation, there are many possible causes, including a blood clot. The death is not being considered suspicious at this time. The actress was married to actor Hank Williams Jr. for almost a decade. She had two children with him. One, Samuel, died in a car crash, and the other, Katie, died after an accident.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is currently investigating the crash. The obituary for Mary Jane Thomas will be released by her family, but her husband and daughter are likely to be in the same hospital. Although the couple had been divorced for several years, their marriage lasted for 21 years. They split in 2007 but reconciled in 2011. The Williams family confirmed that they would not release an obituary for Mary Jane.

The couple met at a concert in Washington State in 1985 and were married in 1990. The couple later married in University Congregational Church near the ranch. In 1990, Hank Williams Jr. became the conservator of his daughter. He was the one who raised her as his wife. The couple met at a concert and were married two years later. They had two children together. They were together for 18 years.

In a statement to People magazine, the Williams family revealed that Hank Williams and Mary Jane Thomas divorced. The couple had two children together, Katherine and Samuel. According to the People magazine obituary, the Williams couple reportedly reconciled in 2011. The news of the death of Mary Jane was first reported by TMZ. The police received a medical call at 5 p.m. Tuesday. The two were taken to the hospital, but no cause has been identified yet.

After college, Mary Jane Thomas pursued a career in modeling. She was one of the top models for Hawaiian Tropic Suntan lotion. She also met Hank Williams Jr. in 1985. The two married in Missoula, Montana, in 1990. The marriage was a bittersweet affair and the couple reportedly had an affair for a short time before deciding to separate. The couple divorced in 2007, and Thomas’ children are no longer married.

In an obituary for Mary Jane Thomas, you’ll find out that the actress died of natural causes. The actress, who had been married to actor Sam Williams since 1990, was buried with her husband in the same state. The two were married in 1992, but later separated after her death. She was later remarried to the singer Sam Williams.

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