Meet Jackie Robinson Jr., David Robinson, and Sharon Robinso – The children of Baseball player, Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson was an American professional baseball player who was one of the first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern day. Robinson broke the color lines when he took his place as a first baseman in the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15 1947.

In the course of his 10 year MLB professional career Robinson received the league’s inaugural Rookie of the Year Award in 1947. He was also an All-Star for six straight seasons between 1949 and 1954, and was awarded the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 1949, the first black player to receive this award.

Robinson was a part of the six World Series and contributed to the Dodgers 1954 World Series championship.

in 1997 MLB eliminated his jersey number, 42 for all leagues of the major leagues He was the first professional athlete from every sport that was recognized. MLB also instituted a new tradition that was established annually, “Jackie Robinson Day” to be observed for the first time, on April 15th, 2004, when every player of each team is wearing a number. 42.

Robinson’s persona, his use of nonviolence and his talents challenged the conventional notion of segregation that been a major factor in others areas in American life. Robinson had a profound impact on the culture of and significantly contributed to the civil rights movement.

Robinson is also the very first TV analyst within MLB and also the first African-American vice president of the largest American company, Chock full o’Nuts.

In the 1960s, he helped establish the Freedom National Bank, an African-American-owned financial institution based in Harlem, New York. In 1972, following his death, Robinson was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom in appreciation of his accomplishments both in the field and off.

Meet Jackie Robinson’s children

Jackie Robinson and his wife Rachel Robinson has three Children; David Robinson, Sharon Robinson, Jackie Robinson Jr.

Jackie Robinson Jr

Meet Jackie Robinson Jr., David Robinson, and Sharon Robinso - The children of Baseball player, Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson (L) and his infant son Jackie Robinson Jr. | Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images

Robinson Jr. was born on the 9th November 1946, just five months prior to when Jackie Robinson made his big-league debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson Jr. dealt with various emotional problems as a youngster and was admitted to special education at a young age. In search of a more disciplined environment He left high school in his senior year and joined the Army.

Robinson Jr. spent three years in the Army and spent a portion of his time in Vietnam according to The Seattle Times. On the 19th of November 1965, he became injured in action and sustained shrapnel injuries as he tried to rescue an ally soldier, who later passed away. After his discharge, he began to develop an addiction to drugs. The family believed that it began when he was in Vietnam.

But, like Robinson’s father before him, Robinson Jr. overcame the odds. He was able to stay free at Daytop Village rehab center in Connecticut which is where he eventually was appointed the assistant director of the regional office. In his position the director often addressed youth groups about the dangers of substance consumption, a task Robinson Sr. also took up.

On the 17th of June in 1971 Robinson Jr. was killed in a collision that occurred in Norwalk, Connecticut. The New York Times reported that he was traveling in a fast direction towards the home of his parents in Stamford when he crashed into a fence , and then into the abutment of the Merritt Parkway near Route 123.

Robinson Jr. was pronounced dead on the scene. His younger brother David recognized his body at the hospital nearby just a few minutes later. Robinson Sr. left his home to take his wife home from an event she was attending in Massachusetts. In the moment, Rachel worked as an associate professor at Yale.

Jackie Robinson Jr. was only 24 at the time of his death.

Sharon Robinson

Meet Jackie Robinson Jr., David Robinson, and Sharon Robinso - The children of Baseball player, Jackie Robinson
Credit: Getty Images for Jackie Robinson Foundation/Eugene Gologursky

Sharon Robinson was born in 1950. She is currently 72-years.

Sharon Robinson is the educational consultant for Major League Baseball. She oversees Breaking Barriers: In Sports and In Life an empathetic national baseball education program that encourages students to overcome obstacles within their own lives. The program also includes the national essay contest for students from grades 4-9 and across baseball’s RBI program. 

Every year, thousands of students write essays about how they benefited from the principles that were exemplified by Jackie Robinson to overcome their difficulties. Essay winners are honored in their schools as well as at Major League ballparks. Since 1997 the program has reached more than 22 million students and 2.9 million teachers.

Ms. Robinson is also the author of many works of fiction and nonfiction. She has written several widely praised books about her father, baseball legend Jackie Robinson, including Jackie’s Nine: Jackie Robinson’s Values to Live By, Promises to Keep: How Jackie Robinson Changed America, Jackie Robinson: American Hero (children’s biography), and picture books Testing the Ice, illustrated by Kadir Nelson and Jackie’s Gift: A True Story of Christmas, Hanukkah, illustrated by EB Lewis. Sharon’s other books include novels: Safe at Home and Slam Dunk! In January 2014, Under The Same Sun, illustrated by AG Ford, will be published by Scholastic.

prior to her being a part of MLB, Sharon had a twenty-year profession as a nurse midwife and teacher. She taught at such top universities like Yale, Columbia, Howard in addition to Georgetown and is the Vice Chairperson of the Jackie Robinson Foundation. She is a highly respected teacher. Robinson received her Bachelor’s degree from Howard University and Master’s from Columbia. 

She earned a post-Master’s Teaching Certificate at the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania and received honorary doctorates from Medaille College, Dowling College and Monmouth College. Sharon is a resident of Sarasota, Florida and New York City.

David Robinson

Meet Jackie Robinson Jr., David Robinson, and Sharon Robinso - The children of Baseball player, Jackie Robinson

David Robinson, the youngest child of Jack and Rachel Robinson, was born in 1952. Growing in the African-American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and in the Robinson family home where these issues were at the heart of every day existence, David Robinson has spent the past 40 years engaged in the advancement of human rights and equality for all races. In the 1970s as a founding and then director of United Harlem Growth, Inc., David spent nine years working in the field of community development and self-help housing building within the Harlem neighborhood in New York City.

From 1983 onwards, David lives in Tanzania, East Africa, in which he has been active internationally in economic growth as Director for the Higher Ground Development Corporation, the coffee farm, exporter, and marketer of Sweet Unity Farms. Sweet Unity Farms coffee brand in North America.

As a child, David became involved with civil rights as well as activities of the Jackie Robinson Foundation from its beginning at the age of 1973. David was a part of an annual festival of jazz which was held by the Robinson home in the years prior to and following the passing of his dad. The jazz festival ran for over ten years to aid in various civil rights causes and eventually the Foundation it self.

David has 10 grandchildren and is married former Ruti Mpunda, a central Tanzania. David and his family split the time among their farm as well as their home in the city of the coast, Dar es Salaam.

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