Tonia Buxton, a British television personality, author, and restaurateur of Greek Cypriot ancestry, was born in May 1968. She is the host of the My Greek Kitchen and My Cypriot Kitchen travel and lifestyle programs on the Discovery Channel.

The Real Greek, a cookbook by Buxton, was published in 2016. She told Ikon London Magazine in a comment: “Many of our clients inquire about the recipes for the dishes served at (The Real Greek) restaurant so they may make them at home. So we made the decision to divulge our trade secrets.”

She frequently appears as a guest on The Independent Republic of Mike Graham show on Talk Radio to discuss these topics because she opposes lockdowns and limitations pertaining to Covid-19.

Tonia Buxton husband

Tonia Buxton’s husband is Paul Buxton.

Buxton, her husband Paul, and their four kids reside in north London.

Since September 1996, they have been wed.

Meet Sophia Buxton, Tonia Buxton’s daughter

Sophia Buxton is Tonia Buxton’s daughter. Her siblings are Antigoni Buxton, Zeno Buxton, and Zephyros Buxton.

Antigoni Buxton is a sister and she also appeared Love Island 2022.

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