Cuba Mark Gooding Jr. was born on January 2, 1968 on the 2nd of January, 1968 in The Bronx, New York City, USA. He is a zodiac figure Capricorn as is his country of birth American. The actor is a writer and director, best famous for his character Tre Styles from the movie “Boyz n the Hood.”

Cuba was raised with his dad, Cuba Gooding Sr. who was a lead singer and singer for soul group The Main Ingredient as well as the mother of his, Shirley Sullivan, also performing. The two older brothers are Thomas Omar and Thomas Omar, along with a sibling, April. Shirley was the one to raise her two children on her own following Cuba Gooding Sr. left the family at 6 years old. Junior went to four high schools before graduation from John F. Kennedy High School in Los Angeles.

Cuba began his professional career as a breakdancer before he moved on towards Japanese martial arts, eventually getting a job with the industry of film. He got his first role in the television show “Hill Street Blues,” and in 1988, he was a guest in the TV show “Amen,” the television series “MacGyver,” and the film “Coming to America,” featuring Eddie Murphy. He gained acclaim following his role in the role of Tre Styles on the movie “Boyz n the Hood,” and a series of other memorable appearances were followed with “A Few Good Men” in 1992, “Lightning Jack” in 1994 and “Outbreak” in 1995.

His role as a soccer player in the movie “Jerry Maguire” made him even more famous. His popular phrase “show me the money!” was a cult phrase around the globe.

Over the next 10-year period, his character starred in a variety of films which included “Men of Honor” in 2000, “Pearl Harbor” in 2001 as well as “Rat Race” in 2002. The next big role for him included”Red Tails,” the World War II film “Red Tails,” which featured him in 2012.

In February of 2016 He began his character O.J. Simpson on the TV show “American Crime Story: The People v O. J. Simpson,” for which he was nominated to win an Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding leading actor in an original movie or miniseries.

Cuba was detained on allegations of sexual harassment on June 13 in 2019, just three weeks prior to the arrest, in a bar located in Times Square where he reportedly had a sexual encounter with a woman; four months after that, he was convicted of assault by a different woman. The case is being worked out.

Are Sara Kapfer and Cuba Gooding Jr have children together?

Sarah Kapfer and Cuba Gooding Jr have three children together. Spencer Gooding, Piper Gooding along with Mason Gooding are their kids.

Piper Gooding

Meet Spencer Gooding, Mason Gooding, & Piper Gooding - The children of Cuba Gooding Jr

Piper Gooding (born October 22 on the 22nd of October, 2005) is the daughter of American actor Cuba Gooding Jr. She is well-known as an actress with a huge following. The father of Piper Gooding is an Oscar-winning American actor.

Mason Gooding

Meet Spencer Gooding, Mason Gooding, & Piper Gooding - The children of Cuba Gooding Jr

Mason Gooding is an American actor from America. He is famous for his performances in Booksmart The Movie, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, and Love, Victor. He is the son of Cuba Gooding Jr.

Spencer Gooding

Meet Spencer Gooding, Mason Gooding, & Piper Gooding - The children of Cuba Gooding Jr

Spencer Gooding is the oldest of the children from American actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and his first wife Sara Kapfer. Similar to his dad, he got interested in acting, but he now works in the field of editing.

Although he has stayed away from TV and films He is often seen in various events alongside his actor father. In the case of his father He is a well-known actor who has been featured in films like Men of Honor, Pearl Harbor, Outbreak, and more.

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