The video that Mike Itkis leaked is popular on social media. Mike Itkis needs to legalize work in his advertising and marketing campaign against Rep. Jerry Nadler.

  • In New York’s twelfth district, Mike Itkis, a Democrat, is running as a third-party candidate to get rid of Jerry Nadler.
  • Itkis was in a video that was leaked in order to get the word out about his campaign issue of making work less illegal.
  • His biography claims that Itkis shouldn’t get married. No kids. Absolutely not. Nicole Sage, an atheist actress, is featured in the video. 
  • The performer in the video, Sage, explains that she gave her permission for the scene. 
  • He tells them that they have been tested for STDs and gives them a safe word (‘Stop’).
  • A New York congressional candidate put a recording of him online to promote his plan, which calls for legalization.

Mike Itkis, a liberal third-party candidate, is running against Jerry Nadler in New York’s 12th district. He got on the ballot in September.

One of the main components of his advertising and marketing campaign, the decriminalization of work, was promoted in a video he shared on his own account.

Itkis adds that they have set up a safe word (‘Stop’) and have been tested for STDs.

A video with the title “Los Angeles, CA, October 2021” shows the pair performing again before getting permission again.

Sage has a Snapchat and Instagram account and frequently updates.

Itkis made the film as a “conversation piece” as part of his marketing and advertising plan to get people to talk about his work.

‘Talking about it alone would not demonstrate my commitment to the issue,’ he acknowledged. My experience influenced objects on my platform, and I was able to review heaps from it.

Progressive neutral Itkis was born in Odessa and moved to New York City in 1979. Among his key factors had been legalizing work, ending the warfare in Ukraine, and stopping males from being pressured to pay teenager help with out their consent.

A leaked video was launched by third-party candidate Mike Itkis to disclose his platform. There is an environment friendly chance that the 53-year-old Army cyberoperations officer will seemingly be defeated by New York Representative Jerry Nadler of the twelfth Congressional District.

Mike Itkis Leaked Video

Manhattan congressional candidate Mike Itkis Leaked Video


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