Mulan Vuitton, a 21-year-old influencer, socialite, model, and social media phenomenon, must have been born under the fire sign of Aries on April 9, 1998, in an unidentified place in the United States of America. Mulan Vuitton came to popularity as a consequence of her Instagram account, where she constantly flaunts her extravagant lifestyle, which encompasses extravagant trips, designer attire, and extravagant parties.

Who is Mulan Vuitton?

Mulan Vuitton is an Aries who was born on April 9th, 1998 in the United States. and she lives in Miami as a Latina.

Her first Instagram post was in 2017, and she has around 300,000 followers.

This 20-year-old girl describes herself as “spoiled” and “having her finest life,” according to Vuitton and her Instagram captions.

Mulan Vuitton
Mulan Vuitton. source/

Sticking her tongue out for a picture is Vuitton’s hallmark stance.

She is a dog lover and is the proud owner of the cutest Siberian Husky puppy, which she frequently features in her Instagram stories and videos.

Mulan Vuitton Business and Career

A link to the Yekim Clothing website may be found in her Instagram bio.

Despite the fact that she does not own this website or design garments, she receives a lot of products that she frequently promotes in her photos.

Mulan Vuitton Business and Career
Mulan Vuitton Business and Career. source/

Martez Malone’s owner is a close friend of hers, and she even attended his birthday celebration in March of this year.

She also hosts events in nightclubs and is compensated for her appearances and promotion of the festivities.

Mulan Vuitton Social Media Fame

She enjoys bragging on social media, throwing parties, and having a good time, and she shares all of her adventures with her followers.

The majority of her photographs feature posh restaurants, cash, jewelry, or costly automobiles.

Mulan enjoys music and sensual dancing, thus she enjoys filming films in which she twerks to rappers’ songs.

Pole dancing is another ability she cultivates, and she frequently shares videos of herself dancing around the pole in tiny bikinis or similar attire.

Mulan Vuitton Social Media Fame
Mulan Vuitton Social Media Fame. source/

In November 2017, she was named ‘Hot Instagram Girl of the Day’ by the Instagram page Caveman Circus.

Her Facebook account is inactive, and she isn’t particularly active on Twitter either — her previous account was canceled when it reached 8,000 followers, which is a low number.

Mulan Vuitton Love Life and Relationships

There were speculations that she hooked up with Drake, but the relationship didn’t work out — these claims were neither confirmed nor rejected.

Trippie Red, on the other hand, dated Mulan and even left his lover Angvish for her.

Mulan Vuitto
Mulan Vuitton Love Life and Relationships. source/

His supporters believed him and Angvish to be a power couple, so when they split up, they accused Trippie of downgrading.

Mulan and Trippie are not dating right now, and Mulan isn’t posting any images of herself with any man.

She did, however, receive a big teddy bear and Gucci shoes from an unknown person on Valentine’s Day, which could indicate that she has a lover, but she doesn’t want to reveal his identity.

Mulan Vuitton Scandals

Despite her claims that she is anti-social and dislikes being categorized, she publishes images on Instagram that are comparable to those posted by most girls her age.

Her phone was allegedly hacked at one point, and some of her photos were leaked.

Mulan Vuitton
Mulan Vuitton Scandals. source/

Her way of life was the same when she was younger as it is today, which is why her lavish lifestyle has been criticized.

Many of her images showed her consuming booze, spending time on yachts, and wasting a lot of money, all of which seemed inappropriate for a girl her age.

Mulan Vuitton Appearance

Mulan does indeed have a body type that is similar to Kim Kardashian’s, with the exception that she does not admit to having plastic surgery.

Mulan is so personality that she will capture images of beauty without make-up, from her bed, or at the pool.

Mulan Vuitton
Mulan Vuitton Appearance. source/

Mulan Vuitton has lovely, long black hair, but she likes to experiment with different hair colors and wears wigs on occasion.

Mulan Vuitton likes to wear short, provocative skirts and tight tops to draw attention to her seductive curves and physique.

Mulan Vuitton Net Worth

Mulan expensive lifestyle demonstrates that she has a lot of money and socializes with other wealthy people.

As of early 2019, authoritative sources estimate her net worth to be above $300,000, according to reliable sources.

Mulan Vuitton
Mulan Vuitton Net Worth. source/

Mulan receives a lot of things from her followers and perhaps from her significant others in addition to being a hostess, a nightclub promoter, and publishing images.

Does Mulan Vuitton Have a Boyfriend Now?

Mulan does not believe to be dating anyone at the current, but on February 14, 2019, she obtained a pair of Gucci flip-flops and a gigantic teddy bear from an unnamed person, leading supporters to speculate that there is, in fact, a mysterious figure. Thus according to her social media channels, she is most likely unattached and focused on her career.


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