In 2017, Kerry Katona secretly became pregnant with a jobbing actor she named Mike a few weeks after parting ways with George.

The singer, who was using birth control at the time, writes in her new book about how she planned to have an abortion before deciding to keep the child.

Kerry miscarried, sadly, and had to go back to work the following day.

She was threatened that she would be sued for £20,000 if she didn’t show up for a gig, so she travelled to India. Kerry, however, became seriously ill.

In her memoir, Whole Again, she writes, “I remember feeling the blood pouring down the inner of my thighs as I sang out Atomic Kitten hits.”

“I was taken to hospital again, in this foreign country, where I was told the foetus was still in me and she still had a very, very faint heartbeat.

“There was nothing the doctors could do. I stayed in hospital for a couple of days until eventually there was no heartbeat anymore.

“The doctor said that the dead foetus could stay in the womb for up to three months before it would fall out naturally.

“I was on the verge of miscarrying, as that child had not survived, but I suppose technically in the end I did have a termination, as she was removed from my body by a kind doctor.”

Kerry adds: “Now remember, at this point I was a mum of five, my babies were – and still are – absolutely everything to me and it went against every single maternal instinct I had, but I knew this child was not meant to be.

“Even now, I can’t bring myself to refer to her as my daughter. It’s not me being heartless, it’s just my truth. A bleak, sad chapter in my life.”

Lilly-Sue, 19, and Molly, 21, are the children Kerry gave birth to while she was married to Westlife singer Brian McFadden.

Heidi, 15, and Maxwell, 14, are the daughters of her ex-husband, Mark Croft.

During her relationship with George Kay, Kerry gave birth to her youngest child, Dylan Jorge (abbreviated DJ), who is now eight. In 2019, George overdosed on drugs and passed away.


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