National Security officers involed in Caleb Kudah’s arrest withdrawn

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Caleb Kudah was arrested by a group of National Security operatives at the City TV’s premises fews days ago. An arrest that was described by many as a “rambo style” and unnecessary.

His arrest was in connection with a video which Caleb allegedly took of some vehicles parked at the National Security premises. According to the news, Caleb took the video without permission.

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Caleb was picked up by the National Security’s men for interrogation and further investigation but was released later.

After his release, Caleb made a shocking revelation purporting he was assaulted by the service men and he at a point in time had to deny his origin to save him from further beatings by these men.

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This news did not go down well with so many people and the Ministry of National Security issued a statement to investigate the allegations by the well known journalist.

On 20th May, National Security issued another statement informing the Nationa on the progress of the case.

According to the statement, three officers involved the case have been withdrawn and are to report to the Ghana Police Service for investigation and disciplinary action.

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Read the full statement below:

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