Pablo Escobar was a world-known drug trafficker and cartel leader who ran the cocaine trade for most of the 80s and 90s. After his reign of bribery, murder, and illegal drug trades, he was hunted and fatally shot in Medellín in 1993.

The Medellin cartel controlled the cocaine trade by the mid-1980s, with Escobar wielding enormous influence and money. According to some estimates, he was valued at almost $35 billion, allowing him to live a luxury lifestyle.

However, Escobar’s well-known ruthlessness overshadowed his philanthropic efforts. He dealt with issues with “Plata o plomo,” which means “silver” (bribes) or “lead” (bullets). His victims included government officials, police officers, and civilians, in addition to rival drug traffickers, particularly in the Cali cartel.

An incident that made headlines was when his cartel was believed to have planted a bomb on an airliner in 1989 in an attempt to kill an accused informant. A total of almost 100 persons were killed.

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the U.S wanted Pablo Escobar Extradicted

Pablo Escobar Death: Learn how the World's Richest Drug Trafficker Died

Threats of extradition to the United States, which had come to regard Escobar as a top target in its war on drugs drew even more retaliation from Escobar, who reportedly said that he “would rather have a grave in Colombia than a jail cell in the United States.”

As Pablo and his cartel became more notorious for Murder, bribery, and corruption, a huge manhunt for Escobar was launched, and the government began negotiations for his surrender. Escobar surrendered and was imprisoned in June 1991, the same day the Colombian Congress voted to prohibit extradition in the country’s new constitution. It is widely believed that Escobar influenced this decision.

His incarceration, on the other hand, had minimal impact on his illicit activities and way of life.

Pablo Escobar’s Luxurious Prison

La Catedral: A Visit to Pablo Escobar's Self-Designed Prison — The Airship

He was given permission to construct La Catedral, a luxury prison. this was more of a vacation spot than a prison, as it contained a  There was a nightclub, sauna, waterfall, and soccer field, as well as telephones and computers. 

Officials chose to relocate Escobar to a less-accommodating prison after he tortured and killed two cartel members in La Catedral. Escobar escaped custody in July 1992, before he could be transferred.

A manhunt was begun by the Colombian authorities, which was supposedly assisted by US officials and competing drug traffickers.

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Discovery of his Hideout and shooting

Pablo Escobar committed SUICIDE to stop his family being kidnapped and  wasn't gunned down by cops, drug lord's own son sensationally claims

His refuge in Medelln was uncovered the next day. Escobar and a bodyguard managed to get to the roof when Colombian forces raided the building. Escobar was fatally shot after a chase and gunfire.

However, some thought that he committed suicide by shooting himself through the air. The Medelln cartel fell apart soon after he died.

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