Women’s videos have gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The video of a woman using a porta-potty in Dubai has gone viral on Twitter, prompting some unpleasant confessions from women.

In the popular video, women on Instagram who have been dubbed models are seen sitting entirely naked on a porta potty, with Arab guys utilizing them as they like. The films are gaining traction, and models who have been subjected to abuse are sharing their experiences.

These ladies have no skills; instead, they have flawless bodies thanks to fillers and silicones, and they have a large fan base due of their appearance. These women have fortunes in the millions of dollars and live a life of luxury.

Porta potty dubai video 2022 YouTube

However, the manner in which they make money is unsettling. One of the most popular Instagram models told the same story, which backfired since they were all open about it and happy of what they did.

All models imported to Dubai or Arab countries are taken on a cruise or to a deserted location and asked to use a porta-potty, according to the confession. They are claimed to be entirely naked, with guys in groups approaching the girls or women to pee on them. They do everything that a normal human being would find repulsive and disturbing. The models are paid a large sum of money if they can satisfy the males.

According to a confession video, lustful men quench their desires by performing cruel acts on women. They smear human feces on women’s faces and put it in their mouths. The women are splattered with human urine and told not to wipe their faces until the buyer is happy.

A woman was instructed to sit with her waste in her mouth while being entirely stripped naked. According to her admission, she was compensated well for satisfying her customers. Some models claim to be paid between $20,000 and $40,000 in one go if their clientele are satisfied.

On Tik Tok, a video of a Dubai Porta Potty Influencer is trending.

Dubai Porta Potty Influencer Stories Twitter

The video has been seen several times. When you view the video, you can feel the Arabs’ cruel behavior toward a lady, which is well beyond the realm of imagination.

Yes! If you’re one of the users who isn’t aware of the viral trend, we’ll inform you. A Tik Tok user is really fond of a video that is now popular on Tik Tok and other platforms. “Dubai Porta Porta” is the name of the viral video.

Porta Potty Influencer in Dubai

Prota Portty Dubai, a video, has gone viral on all social media sites. A female traveler to Dubai was subjected to inhumane treatment.

Dubai Porta Potty Influencer Stories Twitter

She was a nameless lady who wanted to gain fortune, so she traveled to Dubai to see her affluent pals. Where did they take all of her money? She claimed she went to Dubai for a weekend break.

On the internet, the video has gone viral. Which is currently popular on the internet. According to the lady, she was subjected to inhumane treatment in Dubai before visiting the city. She stayed in Dubai for few days. During a fully compensated weekend trip to Dubai, she described an incredible experience.

Dubai Porta Potty Influencer Stories Twitter Video explained

According to the lady, her wealthy coworker is an executive prostitute who makes a living in Dubai, where she spends certain weekends and is regularly accosted by sexually starving Arabs who pay well.

Twitter Video of Dubai Porta Potty Influencers

However, several other individuals have shared the video. They are disseminating the footage over many media.

The video is already gaining traction on social media. If you are highly sensitive, we advise you not to view the movie because it may kill your soul. She had the most dreadful experience of her entire life.

Dubai Porta Potty Influencer Stories Twitter

She couldn’t forget it for the rest of her life. She expressed regret for her ordeal, revealing that she ate human feces and was sexually tortured, among other horrific practices, in exchange for $40,000. Here’s a lady who travelled to Dubai to spend some time there and wrote about her trip.

Dubai Porta Potty Influencer Stories Twitter Video explained

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