Robert Clary was a French-American actor. Robert was known for his roles as Corporal Louis LeBeau in Hogan’s Heroes (1965-1971).

Since his debut in 1951, Robert appeared in several television movies and films before retiring in 2001 after a career span of 50 years.

He was born in March 1926. Rober was one of the four serving children of his parent’s fourteen children. 10 of his sibling died during the holocaust.

On November 16, Robert was reported dead. He was 96 years old when he died. Before his death, Clary was the last surviving complete series cast member of Hogan’s Heroes (1965).

Robert Clary Cause of Death

Robert’s cause of death is not available at the moment. His family is yet to make their tribute known. Robert was not known to suffer from any ailment. His medical records are not available to the public.

Robert Clary’s Net Worth At Death

At the time of his death, Robert Clary had a net worth of $5 million.


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