Tay Conti is a Brazilian professional wrestler and judoka. Tay is signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Since 2017, she has been performing under her brand name, Tay Conti, until she recently began to appear in the ring as Tay Melo. Fans are keen to know the reason behind her sudden name change.

Conti changed her name to Tay Melo after her recent marriage to Sammy Guevara. She previously went by the name Conti because of her previous marriage to her ex-husband, Jorge Conti in 2017. Tay used the name during her career at NXT.

Tay’s marriage to Conti lasted for four years. In 2021, the pair went their separate ways. Their divorce was announced in November 2021. The couple also stated they had been separated for a long time before they broke the news of their divorce to the public in November 2021.

After their divorce, however, Tay continued to appear in the ring as Tay Conti until her recent marriage to Sammy Guevara. Melo and Guevara have been in a relationship since January 2022. The couple got engaged in June and tied the knot on August 7, 2022.

Sammy Guevara isalso a AEW star. The couple is currently the AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions on AEW Rampage. When asked why she changed her name, Tay said;

“Short term I just changed my last, which is like a restart for me. Everybody knows that was my ex’s last name. I got married but I never really had a wedding. I never had a wedding. I had pictures in Brazil because I was modelling. So I just took some pictures back in Brazil with my ex because the model that I was supposed to do the photoshoot with got sick. I have never had a wedding before… I never changed my name legally, I just put his name on my work name, so I was like ‘well it doesn’t make sense to have his name, I gotta change it,’ so I put my real last name.”

Tay Melo’s biological name was Taynara Melo De Carvalho. After her marriage, she also changed her legal name to Taynara Melo Guevara. Tay married in August 2022. Her name has been modified since her marriage.


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