The Best Ghanaian Cities to Live in: Accra vs Kumasi

Where you choose to live and work might be influenced by the available jobs, the type of jobs you are qualified for or interested in doing or maybe you need a job and it doesn’t matter which town or city you find yourself in. It matters actually.

If the decision’s in your hands, don’t just settle for living anywhere. Take Accra and Kumasi, for instance, which is the better city to live in?

Depends on what you want and what you are looking for. Here are five things to consider before making that choice.


A single room for rent in Accra can cause as low as Ghc 100.00 and as high as Ghc 1,000.00. Depends on where you choose to live and your budget. There are apartments and self-contained houses going for as high as Ghc 3,000.00 per month and you need to pay one or two years rent advance.

Accommodation in Kumasi costs less compared to Accra. You can rent for  Ghc 50.00 per month and even get a self contained residence for as low as Ghc 300 per month. Depends on which part of Kumasi you end up living at. It’s not uncommon to find places renting as high as prices quoted in Accra, all the same.

You should just get a decent place, taking into consideration your needs, your budget, your comfort and distance from the house to your work place.

It generally costs less to rent in Kumasi than in Accra.

Cost of Living

Accra being the capital city and a centre of commerce makes it an expensive city to live in. Food that costs you Ghc 50.00 to Accra costs far less in Kumasi. You can actually use that money to buy food stuffs to prepare for yourself for about a week if you are living in Kumasi.

A lot of things tend to be overpriced in Accra. Kumasi is the better city to live in if you want to reduce your expenses and eat on less money.

Opportunity for Growth

Accra is the most populous city in Ghana and with that comes many of opportunities for work and career development. If you are a self employed person or operating a business, you have a larger pool of people to get customers from. Kumasi gets edged in this area.


Kumasi is the heart of Asanteman but a largely cosmopolitan city with people from all parts of Ghana and even as far as other African countries. It’s the melting pot of all ethnic groups and with that comes different people with different languages, a variety of cuisines and a night life that’s as good as any in Accra.

Both cities offer a variety of cultural experiences and social activities, but Kumasi just has a richer cultural heritage and more engaging society.


The best two universities in Ghana are found in Accra and Kumasi. If you are thinking about the kind of schools your children will have to attend when they are off age, whether you want them in Legon or KNUST can affect which of these two cities you choose to live in.

Besides the universities and educational opportunities both cities offer, Accra has the better secondary schools compared to Kumasi.


Both Accra and Kumasi can boast of the best two hospitals in Ghana—Korle Bu Hospital and Okomfo Anokye Hospital. But Accra has more specialist hospitals compared to Kumasi. It also has the UGMC (University of Ghana Medical Centre) located in Legon, and it is a world class hospital with state of the art facilities.

It’s 3-2 in favour of Accra. But this boils down to the criteria used. My advice is to develop your own criteria and then score any two cities or more you are considering living in.

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