There are a lot of wealthy cities around the globe. Have you ever thought which are the most wealthy cities? If you were to list all the most prosperous cities in the world, there are bound to be a lot of cities. However, even among the most wealthy cities, there’s one city that will top the list.

They rank cities on the basis of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). They can also be classified based on how many billionaires reside living in the area. Let’s take a examine five of the most prosperous cities around the world to identify the most prosperous of them all.

Which is the most affluent town in the globe?

These are a few cities that have made the list of richest cities around the globe in 2022 as per Business Insider.

1. New York, United States. It is home to $1,800 billion.

2. Tokyo, Japan. It is home to $1,557 billion.

3. Los Angeles, United States — $1,105 billion

4.London, United Kingdom — – $1,089 billion

5. Paris, France — $836 billion

These are only five of the numerous wealthy cities around the globe. There are many more wealthy cities around the globe. The most prosperous city in 2022 was New York, United States with a whopping GDP of $1,800 billion as you can see in the above.

There are also a few emerging cities that are climbing the ladder fast to be included as the most affluent. In the near future, these cities will be able to take the ranking of the top five cities, and the former will grow to an incredible GDP. The world has become extremely competitive.

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