What size piano does Bobbie Nelson play? The pianist is a familiar face in the jazz world, and her playing is as unique as her performance. She has played every model of upright, grand, and baby grand. In fact, she even plays the smallest piano. While performing at jazz venues, you’ll find her hands sweeping the keys in time with her signature phrasing.

what size piano does Bobbie nelson play

A famous pianist and singer, Bobbie Lee Nelson was born in Abbott, Texas. Her parents were Ira Doyle Nelson and Myrle Marie Greenhaw, who moved to Portland, Oregon, when she was five years old. Her parents were teachers in Arkansas, and they helped their granddaughter learn to play the piano. In addition, she had a grandmother who taught her to sing, so she learned the instrument at an early age.

While her mother remarried, Bobbie Lee Nelson was raised in an area with no pianos. She was raised by gospel-loving grandparents, who bought her a piano for $35. Her father sold a cow to pay for the instrument. After learning to play the instrument, she played hymn books and discovered boogie-woogie. Her driving sound was an inspiration to her brother, Gene Autry.

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