The terrible case of serial killer Shawn Grate will be revisited and briefly examined in an upcoming episode of Oxygen’s true-crime series Residing With A Serial Killer. The fifth episode of the second season will debut on Oxygen on August 6, 2022 at nine p.m. ET/eight p.m. CT.

Please read at your own risk as this article contains specific points about violence.

According to the official episode abstract for the second season of Residing With A Serial Killer:

A rescue attempt to free a kidnapped woman turns horrifying when two dead women are found inside the house; the killer confesses without hesitation; and his half-sister discusses the turbulent background that makes a serial killer.

Shawn Grate, a notorious serial killer from Marion, Ohio, froze five people to death. He murdered Stacey Stanley, Elizabeth Griffith, Candice Cunningham, Rebekah Leicy, and Dana Nicole Lowrey between 2006 and 2016.

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The awful serial killer, the Correctional Establishment, has recently started serving a lifestyle term for his heinous killings. Grate’s execution is scheduled for 2025.

Since Oxygen revealed information about the fantastic serial killer for its upcoming episode of Residing With A Serial Killer Season 2, people have been interested in learning more. The channel also released a preview clip, which only aroused viewers’ interest in the important details of the terrible victims.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s learn more about Shawn Grate’s five victims before Oxygen airs Episode Five of Residing With A Serial Killer Season 2.

Prior to the Oxygen television special Residing With a Serial Killer, all information about Shawn Grate’s five victims was made public.

Who were Shawn Grate’s victims, and what happened to them?

Shawn Grate brutally murdered five women between 2006 and 2016.

The 43-year-old Stacey Stanley was one of Grate’s five victims. Stacey, also known as Stacy Hicks, was strangled to death by Grate.

After her family reported her missing just one week before to Shawn’s arrest, her body was found at the Ashland residence where he was being held.

Elizabeth Griffith was one of Grate’s many unhappy patients. When Griffith was 29 years old, Grate violently took her own life by strangling her. Authorities also discovered Griffith’s stays at the Ashland residence

Griffith once went missing for about a month before the serial killer was caught.

Candice Cunningham, the other victim of the assassin, was killed by Shawn at the age of 29. After being captured, the assassin directed law enforcement to Cunningham’s worthless frame. Her body had been discovered there on November 1st, 2016, and it had been acknowledged by the administrative headquarters of the Richland County Sheriff.

Rebekah Leicy is another dreadful name on Shawn’s terrible list of victims. She was at most 31 years old when she tragically died by strangulation. Her frame was discovered in March 2015, one month before Shawn was taken into custody.

Even though it was initially thought that Leicy had overdosed on medication, Grate eventually confessed to killing Leicy in a similar manner after being found to be responsible.

Dana Nicole Lowrey, age 23, has been identified as Shawn Grate’s most recent victim. Despite the fact that Ohio police found her body in 2006, it was previously misdiagnosed for almost 13 years. When Grate was in up, he confessed to killing her by strangling.

Don’t miss Residing With A Serial Killer Season 2 Episode 5 this Saturday, August 6, 2022 at nine p.m. ET/eight p.m. CT, exclusively on Oxygen.

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