Who Inherited Howard Hughes Money?

In the case of Howard Hughes, who inherited his money? is a popular question. The answer varies depending on who is a family member, and how closely related they are. Although Hughes did not have a spouse or children, he was still closely related to many of his relatives. The estate was divided between his mother’s side and his father’s side. The first group inherited the estate from Hughes’s mother, who also had two siblings and five children. The next group to receive Hughes’ money is his mother’s side of the family, whose siblings were also direct descendants of his grandparents.

As it turns out, Hughes’ estate is worth $1.5 billion. Interestingly, no one knows for sure. In the 1960s, Hughes had become a recluse, locking himself in dark hotel penthouses for months at a time. However, it has been rumored for the last 17 years that he had an estate that would last for as long as the assets were available. Ultimately, the estate was closed in 2010 because the real estate was in bankruptcy.

In 1983, the Howard Hughes estate was divided between twenty-two legal cousins he did not know. He did not want his money to go to distant relatives, and he left no will, so probate law took control of his estate. Although Hughes did not name anyone as heir, his mother and father claimed that Terry Moore was married to Hughes in 1949, but she could not produce a marriage certificate. That was another problem that authorities had to deal with.

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