Who Inherited Larry Flynt’s Money?

Who inherited Larry Flynt’s billions of dollars? That’s the question that has occupied the minds of many people for years. The rich, controversial, and notoriously dishonest businessman has made it his mission to make people happy, and he has done it with aplomb. If you’re curious about his life story, read on for a brief background of Flynt’s life.

Hefner inherited a fortune from Flynt’s father, Hugh. Flynt viewed Playboy Mansion as worth $40 million. Hefner wanted the property, which he had owned since the mid-1970s, for just that amount. But he was also looking for a way to turn the fortune into something he could write about in a newspaper column.

The trust he left behind is a mess. His brother, Jimmy, and wife Wanda are not communicating. They were never able to settle their differences, and the two brothers never got along. Then, there are the children – five daughters and one son – to deal with. But despite all the drama, it was still a mystery. Besides, a lot of money was left to a few friends and family members, which is hardly a good thing.

If you are wondering, “Who inherited Larry Flynt’s money?” is a good place to start. In addition to being a notorious pornographer, Larry Flynt also had a massive empire based on his pornographic media. Hustler magazine was part of Flynt’s empire, which included casinos, strip clubs, and an adult broadcasting channel. He died at the age of 78.

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