Fredrik Strage, a well-known author and journalist, is the host of the Hemma Hos Strage podcast. He and the musicians talk about pop culture a lot.

Strage is the author of Mikrofonkat (2001), Fans, a study of idolatry, and the Strage text (2009). He has carried out his tasks for prestigious periodicals, including Dagens Nyheter, Billboard, Sonic, and Nojesguiden.

Are Linda Leopold and Fredrik Strage dating each other? Relationship Information

He is happily married to Linda Leopold, his lifelong partner and wife. They have been together for a long time and have two children together.

The couple currently reside together in Sydney’s capital, Stockholm. Linda is a speaker, author, and expert in business. She is constantly there for Fredrik and can relate to him better than anybody else.

The journalist tries to keep his family secret and only occasionally discusses them. He hasn’t shared many pictures of them on social media, either.

Fredrik is active as @fredrikstrage on Instagram. He often updates his 33, 000 followers on upcoming podcast episodes, significant happenings, and announcements.

2022 Fredrik Strage’s net worth is unknown.

Fortunately, Fredrik Strage is fortunate. Reports indicate that Fredrik is worth about $1.5 million. The author has worked in the journalism and entertainment industries for more than three decades.

The multi-talented journalist makes a range of income. He mostly earns money from his podcast, Patreon supporters, music writing, and brand endorsements.

Hemma Hos Strage is the most well-known music-related podcast in Sweden. It features fascinating anecdotes and songwriting guidance from well-known figures, including Slipknot and Michael Stipe.

In addition to money, he has acquired a number of honors over the course of his career. He won two prizes: the 2001 Nojesguidens Pris for the best book of the year and the 2008 Stora Journalistpriset for Innovator of the Year.

Fredrik Strage’s Family & Age

On December 22, 1972, Fredrik Strage entered the world. In 2022, he will be 49 years old. Strage was born and raised in Linkoping, Sweden.

He is Indrid Strage’s son. Fredrik has kept his father’s identity a secret up until now. Along with his wife, Linda Leopold, he has a son and a daughter.

The 49-year-old began his professional writing career in the early 1990s as a contributor to the Swedish fanzine New Life. He has contributed to periodicals in Sweden such as Bibel, Pop, and Cafe.

He started hosting and directing the Hemma hos Strage podcast in 2016. In his conversation program, Fredrik invites musicians over to his house for coffee and to talk about music.

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