Mallory McMorrow is an American senator who has been a member of the Michigan Senate since January of this year.

She is a Democrat who represents the 13th Congressional District, which encompasses Berkley, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clawson, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, and Troy.

In her 2018 Senate campaign in Michigan, she received the support of former President Barack Obama.

McMorrow was born in the town of Whitehouse in the state of New Jersey. Her family was active in their local parish, and she was raised Catholic.

McMorrow was a member of her church choir, and her mother taught classes for the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.

According to McMorrow, their priest described her mother as “disappointing” and indicated that she was “not living up to the Church’s expectations” because she was divorced and did not attend mass every Sunday.

McMorrow said she and her mother helped at local soup kitchens on Sundays.

McMorrow graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in industrial design in 2008.

She won a public design competition for the Mazda3 during her junior year at Notre Dame.

McMorrow worked in New York and Los Angeles after graduating before settling in Michigan.

Who is Mallory McMorrow’s husband, Ray Wert?

Who is Mallory McMorrow' husband, Ray Wert?
Ray Wert

Ray Wert is the former head of Gawker Media’s content sales department, as well as the former editor in chief of Gawker’s automobile blog Jalopnik. He has worked for Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm as a senior staffer and as a campaign organizer for Presidential candidate John Kerry.

Wert is a regular contributor to CNBC shows such as On the Money and has written for The New York Times, Popular Mechanics, and Cat Fancy. Wert divides his time between New York City and the Detroit metropolitan area. Mallory McMorrow, his wife, was elected to the Michigan State Senate in the 13th District in 2018.

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