Who is Patricia Arquette’s husband? The acclaimed actress and director recently introduced her longtime boyfriend, Eric White, to reporters. The pair met when the actress was a young child. The two had a brief affair. During the late ’80s, Arquette was dating actor Nic Cage. Afterwards, she was dating J.D., a former model. The couple separated in 2010.

After they broke up, Patricia Arquette started dating actor and musician Thomas Jane. The couple got engaged in August 2002 and welcomed their first child together, a son named Enzo Rossi. They were married in June 2006 in Venice, Italy. They divorced in 2009, and later reconciled and got divorced in May 2001. After a brief separation, the couple separated. In 2014, the pair reconciled.

After they split in 2011, Patricia and Thomas made a reconciliation. The couple was engaged in April 1999 and married in June 2006. The divorce was finalized on May 1, 2001. Previously, Arquette dated Paul Rossi in 1988 and was engaged to Cage in 1998. She later married Nicolas Cage in 2004, but their relationship ended in 2011. The divorce was reportedly due to financial problems, and the two separated in 2009.

Before marrying Nicolas Cage, Patricia Arquette had been married three times. She was married to Paul Rossi in 1989, and they divorced in 1996. In 1995, she married Nicholas Cage. However, they divorced after nine months. In 2002, she engaged Thomas Jane and married him three years later. The couple had a daughter together, and were separated on July 1, 2011.

Who is Patricia Arquette’s husband?

Patricia Arquette he is no longer married now.

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