A young mother caught people’s attention when she enumerated the five rules she would never enforce on her children, including forcing them to pay rent and requiring them to eat things they don’t enjoy.

On Tuesday, August 2, the 25-year-old expectant Indy Clinton took to social media to discuss conventional parenting “rules” and those she was categorically against. She lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with her husband and one-year-old son. Indy has amassed a considerable following on TikTok because to her “real” parenting videos with her 1-year-old Navy, whom she calls to as her “crazy toddler.” A video “rage” was shared by the mother, who is currently expecting a girl, with her almost 600,000 platform fans.

“Let’s discuss discipline, the main problem. Never in my life will I use physical punishment to correct my children, “Indy began. “I was physically punished with a belt and a wooden spoon when I was a kid, and I just don’t think that’s the best way to grow kids,” the speaker said.

It was a standard practice in schools when I was younger, but I can speak from personal experience when I say that it doesn’t make the problem any better. She raised her voice. The trauma they experience will probably endure a lifetime. If you decide to do that, your child will be defenseless, but it is your call. You need to whack him, I frequently see comments on my writings, but that actually tells more about you. I would be embarrassed to write that since it implies that you have some underlying issues that you need to address.

According to the young Australian mother, the second “rule” is that children shouldn’t kiss and cuddle their elderly grandparents. He is under no obligation to give anyone a hug or kiss if he so chooses. Regardless of whether it includes family members, he is not obligated to do it. She was determined, “I want people to respect his decisions and pay attention to his body. When I was younger, my parents used to throw dinner parties and make me say goodnight kisses to everyone at the table. “I have no idea you’re scratching my nose with your whiskers,” I would say.

According to The Daily Mail, Indy regularly tweets images of her favorite meals and recipes and has a cooperation agreement with Hello Fresh. However, she won’t “push” any certain foods on her kids. I will never force him to eat anything he doesn’t want to. I’ll encourage him to try new foods, of course, but I won’t threaten him with things like, “If you don’t finish what’s on your plate, you won’t get dessert,” she said. If he doesn’t like a dish or meal I’ve made, I won’t be offended. You are not required to consume it; instead, I’d like to know what you would prefer to eat. I won’t give him any chocolate, of course, but I also won’t force him to eat anything.

Furthermore, she “never” will make her child pay rent when he is an adult. I’ll never make him pay the rent. I can understand why some families require their children to pay the rent because it instills qualities in them. However, since I gave birth to this child, I won’t need them to begin paying rent until they are 15 years old, “Declared Indy When you become 18 and have completed high school, gotten job, and begun college, I might persuade him to pay $50 per week, but that’s not for me—that money will be used to assist him in purchasing his own home. You did not need to put that child through financial hardship because you were the one who created them.

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