Outrage was raised because the marriage took place just three days after Glenn cast a no vote on a local bill that could have provided federal protection for same-sex unions.

GOP consultant Glenn Thompson attended his son’s gay wedding on the evening of July 22. Even so, it wasn’t evident which of his sons it was at first. Following his vote against the Respect for Marriage Act on Tuesday, NBC News was the first to report on Thompson’s attendance at his son’s wedding. According to pictures shared on social media, Glenn Thompson’s son Kale married his longtime partner Phil Green at the historic J. Franklin Styer Orchard in Northern Pennsylvania.

According to the DailyMail, the pair reportedly posed for photos in front of a wooden wedding temple decorated with plants and vines. The ceremony took place just three days after Glenn, along with Reps. Matt Gaetz and Jody Hice, voted against a local bill that would have guaranteed federal coverage for same-sex marriage, raising questions about the couple’s political affiliation.

According to CNN, Thompson was one of 157 area Republicans who opposed the bill, which would have established the legality of same-sex and mixed-race unions across the country. Among the lawmakers who supported the bill were Representatives Nicole Malliotakis of New York, Don Baron Beaverbrook of Nebraska, Mike Garcia of California, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, and John Katko of New York. Glenn’s press secretary, Maddison Stone, told the Center Daily Times that the bill “wasn’t much more than a messaging gimmick by Democrats in Congress who have failed to deal with document inflation and out-of-control prices at gas stations and grocery stores.”

There was a leak of Glenn Thompson’s wedding speech

Even if Kale is recognized as the son who was given in marriage, no one is aware of his personal information. Instead, one of the important wedding ceremony attendants released Glenn’s speech. According to BuzzFeed Information, which got the audio tape, Glenn was once overheard saying. “We want them to be successful in discovering their strategy, options, and inspiration. We also hope and pray that when they grow older and mature, they may find their true love and have the opportunity to share their later years with anyone. Therefore, we are really grateful that you are here. He continued, “In fact, it goes farther than that; as parents, we find it seductive when our children find their true love, especially when they join our families at that time. We are hopeful that will happen.

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