Your wife is your lifetime project, she is a mirror through which people will see you.

It is wrong to have money and there’s no evidence or reflection of that money on your wife, she looks unkempt, tattered, suffering without any proper care, you fail to realise that your wife is your reflection.

Your wife is a mirror through which people will see you, if your wife is always sad and looking unkempt, she becomes a mirror and a reflection of you as the husband, it’s a reflection suggesting that you’re failing.

You feel so ashamed of introducing her to your colleagues at work, you are ashamed of taking her to various functions and meetings, the truth is, the reason you feel ashamed is because your partner is your reflection, a hungry-looking and tattered wife suggests the husband is failing, she’s a reflection of your duty.

Your wife is your lifetime project, you don’t graduate from that calling, it is a calling, an assignment, she was put under your care, to nurture, love, lead and protect, she’s your duty, your work, your project you don’t graduate from , there’s no break, it’s a lifetime commitment.

If her English is bad, encourage her to attend adult school, go to the supermarket, shop for sexy underwear, nightgowns, nice clothes so she can seduce you anytime and you can be proud of her.

This doesn’t in any way encourages women to be lazily sitting around waiting for a man to come to upgrade them, as a woman you must also work and improve yourself, develop yourself, be the best version of yourself, this will make his lifetime calling easier.

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